Health Retreat, Tangalle, Sri Lanka


The design concept was to depict the architectural image that combines nature to reduce the hindrance of the outer environment. The required surrounding had already been created with the elegant simplicity of the environment itself, with it’s background with the green shoreline and the deep blue sea. Therefore, the design would merely blend in with the environment and enhance the surrounding. The visitors of the proposed health retreat is given the opportunity to experience the profound feeling of spirituality, tranquility, gentle beauty and the generosity while nestling among the mangroves.

The design will be articulated to cope with the tropical climate while providing natural light and air movement through natural means adopting energy efficient methods. Eco-friendly and sustainable methods would be used to manipulate the spaces with the use of natural materials while luxuriating the natural beauty the site has from nature. The visitors would be sure to experience the obvious change of environment, surrounding as well as the delightful informal gesture which design offers.



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