Factory Building, Vishakaptnam, India


The proposal for a dyeing and finishing factory in Vishakapatnam, India posed the challenge of having to create a unique design while responding to the environment and landscape of an industrial zone in a foreign country. After visiting several similar factories in the Biac park, the architect was inspired by the repetitive pattern of most materials manufactured here and hence, opted for a design that emulates this concept of repetition.

This linear building was designed with all the necessary aspects of a factory such as the production process, circulation and logistics in mind. The interior layout and spaces of the factory best reflects the dyeing and finishing process of the garments and aims to create a comfortable working ambience. The design encourages energy efficient use with natural light and ventilation wherever possible, with the use of exposed brick walls to ensure optimal thermal comfort.

The use of steel increases the stability and durability of the structure. The triangular roof supports on the main facades provide necessary shade and thermal comfortability. This element also acts as the most prominent architectural feature of the building resembling the concept of repetition, while giving it the unique architectural touch needed to stand out.


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