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Wellness Resort and Spa at Nuwaraeliya

Located on the central rills of Nuwara Eliya, the design of 20 chalets mimics the language of mountains. The concept of “A Deck’, which is indeed the best way to experience and enjoy nature with minimum disturbance is the key idea of the design.

Banquet Hall at Kirindiwela

Located in Kirindiwela, in a setting amongst tropical vegetation, the banquet hall posed the challenge of designing to suite the atmosphere of the suburban context. As a result, giving rise to a banquet hall with an unusual language which allows guests to experience nature while enjoying indoor spaces. The design borrows views of the existing natural landscape along with the introduction of new landscape to merge together.


Hotel at Nuwaraeliya

This project was a result of the vision of a Sri Lankan client. currently living in China, to develop o luxurious hotel to cater to the high end Chinese clientele who visit Sri Lanka on holiday or business. Located In the central hills of Nuwara Eliya. The design aimed to mimic the context and architecture of a traditional Chinese village. Such that it created a ‘home away from home’ for the visitors. The architect was required to overcome the challenge of designing in a new architecture style, responding to the context and climate Of the site while ensuring that the scheme reflected the notion of a traditional Chinese village.


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